More Comic Advice Gathered From the Winds

Taylor Swift If you are thinking of creating a comic, one of the decisions you have to make is to create the comic in color or black and white. It’s kind of a sinkhole question – no matter what you initially lean toward, there are bigger things to consider. And if you already have a comic, then switching from one to the other is problematic as well. Here’s a useful primer on the choices we face on color or not in our comics.

Once you get that all in order, you have to decide about hosting. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone knowledgeable wrote up step by step instructions?

Would you like to know how to format your comics to be on the Kindle or the Nook? You may want to consider investing in this ebook from the In Maps & Legend creators.

Now, you might create a mean comic. But you may not have the marketing skills to handle your branding. Here are some thoughts on that topic, if you would like them. The article is about social media but the principles apply across all your marketing efforts. And be sure to think outside the box and expand into areas that will let your work shine.

And, of course, you should have a business card for your comic project. Here are some catchy business card designs which include illustrators and comic elements. Some of my favorites were this one, this one and that one.


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