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Webcomic Overlook gave Blade Bunny two stars and four stars to both How I Killed Your Master and Dream Life. He also awarded Ectopiary four well deserved stars (for the textures alone!) along with Space Avalanche. Adventures of the Floating Elephant ranked decently but alas, So You Want To Be A Cartoonist was not as well received.

I Am Legend reviewed Jake The Evil Hare and Merecnieress. Earth Song picked up a nine rating while Penny Arcade just fell short.

Warren Peace ranked the top 25 comics from 2010. You might find one that you want to read. Then, the Cool Web Comics List named their Top 10 of March 2011.

Drawn! was mesmerized by Asaf Hanuka’s work and Morgan Wick glanced at xkcd as well as threw love on The Order of the Stick.

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  1. delos

    The odds are against reviewers, my friend. Twenty thousand webcomics vs a half dozen reviewers?

    Say a reviewer did 350 comic reviews per year. It would take 57 years. Even if there were ten reviewers, it would still take five years – and that doesn’t count all the new comics starting every day.

    heh. I don’t think a reviewer could push out 350 reviews a year unless they were one word reviews. “Good” or “Bad” or “Ehhh” =)

  2. Wow, I never thought of it like that. I guess the 30 or so reviews I do don’t put kink into that. Then again there are a lot crappy comics out there and doing to many of those would just depress me I think. I try to balance it out with the good the bad and the ugly. I even do comics over the next year that I really like or admire. I think you gave me idea though.

  3. delos

    We should also mention that a lot of comics die out before they hit six months (or whatever.) Perhaps we could knock ten thousand off our to-do list. =) Also, the number of webcomic reviewers waxes and wanes over time… we seem to be in a wane right now.

    I used to try to do at least one review a week but circumstances don’t allow me to be that regular anymore. I’d love to be able to do two per week. To do this, I tried writing mini reviews but I always run long anyway.

    Usually, I try to get reviews done in the order I received them as requests. I do try to avoid doing two similar comics in a row. It’s a science, almost.

    heh. The Zuda competition was always tough to cover, too. You had eight screens per comic, which was almost enough to let you say good/bad/ehhh about each of them unless they really grabbed you.

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