The Digital Web

Worm World Saga

Newsarama talked about the future of webcomics, focusing on digital versus web. Both are different from print and all three appeal to different demographics.

Speaking of using different media to appeal to different groups, you heard about Bon Jovi’s rant, right? Sounds a lot like the complaints the print-based folks had a few years ago -but- now the digital side of things is a useful tool. I’m sure Bon Jovi’s business manager will sit him down and explain that fewer and fewer people bother to buy whole cd’s anymore.

And if you ever thought of adding sound effects to your website, here’s a place that has a bunch of them. It seems like something could be done with mouse-overs or javascript could let you add the sounds to your comic image, for instance. Personally, I added a couple of applause and cheers files to my desktop which I click on when I feel I’ve done something impressive.

And I’m sure someone, somewhere out there has done something cool with the make your own cartoon feature on YouTube. This one seems to be a public service message but it seemed like it was going to be amusing before the end, anyway. Good to know.

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