A Bit of How-To and some Drawing Lessons

The Up House

Comics Worth Reading reviewed an interesting sounding book called Creating Comics From Start to Finish.

Fictions turned five. Congrats!

Not everyone has the circumstances or drive to stick with creating a comic. That’s why those who actually make a comic deserve some kudos no matter what level of quality it comes out to be – they actually tried it.

If you’re wondering how you can make a living from your comic, you might get inspiration from Cube Grenades. Or perhaps you can use your comic skills to improve business presentations. You might be encouraged by a fellow using the webcomic model to sell his rpg setting. Or you could try business cartoons or doing some cartoony caricatures, which usually pays well.

Tales of A Checkered Man was featured in the news. That may be an angle for you to play up in your local area. Or you could get on the Starbucks network, I suppose.

ReMind pointed out that the story you want to tell has been told and retold millions of times. And then he tells us why we should do our own thing anyway. And if you get stuck, try an oblique strategy to make progress.

And one can always visit Drawspace for the latest drawing lessons, too.

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