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Missile Mouse – The Tankians

Let’s lead with Pixar. Pixar Brave.

The Irregular Webcomic invented nuclear gastronomy. That’s quite a mouthful.

Warren Ellis wanted us to redesign the Fantastic Four. Judge some of the results for yourself.

Newsarama interviewed Rickheit of Ectopiary. It is a very interesting interview, plus Rickheit talked about some other interesting projects that are planned.

And then there were two. Two people left? That’s it?

Threadless secrets – that’s how it’s billed.

Most importantly, why doesn’t Adam West have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?


  1. The Doctor

    Don’t get that one -did the Fantastic Four not get “redesigned” enough when the movie came out?

    Johnny Storm as an arrogant, conceited ass and Mr. Fantastic/Invisible Girl acting like they just stepped off an episode of about any sitcom you can name with their “you broke up with ME” romantic angst?

    Seems like that would be enough of a redesign for anyone.

  2. delos

    lol. Whether you love or hate the movies, that’s just movie magic. They just killed off the Torch in the comic, although it has been a month or two. Perhaps he’s back by now.

    I’m not a FF-ophile or a FF-hater but I’d like to see more of a team concept redesign. How many times can they save the Earth in one lifetime? What do they do besides that? Anything else is just buying a loaf of bread in comparison.

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