How Art School Works

A quick flow chart of how art school works from a new webcomic called Hyper Mediocre


  1. delos

    It touched home with me and my Fine Arts degree, which I needed for my public school teaching aspirations. Abandoning that career course, , I realized that I needed something else to make the degree useful.

    I could have done something additional in interior design, medical anatomy, graphic arts or something else but by itself, the degree doesn’t mean anything.

  2. The Doctor

    I agree with the idea that “art can’t be taught.” To me, it’s far too subjective. You may be able to teach theory and/or lessons on how previous artists did it, but the actual ‘art’ comes from the person doing it.

    I laughed out loud at the “disillusioned yet naive youth” part – as though every artist HAS to be so out of step with the rest of those poor mortals that couldn’t possibly understand the fire that burns so deep in their soul.


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