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Cartoonist Celebrates His Comic Strip’s First Birthday!

Cartoonist Denver Brubaker’s webcomic, Tales of a Checkered Man, is celebrating its first birthday! Brubaker launched the comic on April 6th of 2010. Tales of a Checkered Man is the story of an average hero who turns to a life of crime-fighting, despite his bad luck and acrophobia. Think “Charlie Brown as a masked vigilante,” Brubaker says.

Brubaker, 35, is the creator, writer and artist behind this twice weekly webcomic. “The reaction to the comic has far exceeded my expectations,” the artist notes, “I’m so happy to have reached this milestone with a respectably growing readership in tow.” Looking forward, Brubaker is content with continuing writing and drawing the misadventures of his costumed hero. “I love this character. He’s been a part of my life for years and years, and it’s exciting to be able to share him with everyone and to have people tell me how much they love him back,” the cartoonist says, “It’s a wonderful feeling.” Brubaker is also now in the stages of planning a book which will collect the entire first year of comic strips.

Tales of a Checkered Man

Denver Brubaker’s webcomic Tales of a Checkered Man can be found at: www.thecheckeredman.com

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Tales of a Checkered Man creator Denver Brubaker currently lives in Ann Arbor, MI with his fiancée Jillian and their pet dog Roxy. Denver grew up along Lake Michigan and not only spent lots of time drawing, but playing baseball and building stuff with Legos. He still loves drawing, baseball, and Legos.

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