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I’ve got to reread a few of my making comics books, but I stumbled across this article on about character facial design that seems lacking from many of the books I have. I don’t think too much about noses but even they can help deliver character. There are more in the series.

Webcomics CC had an interview with Eric Merced that included some basic and sane advice about making comics.

Tom Richmond’s Sunday Mailbag had a great question about coloring your linework, which Tom answered in very practical terms.

Anyone tried this Fireviews thing? Is it worth doing? (Originally found here.)

Kleefeld had some good posts like this one about webcomics on

I ran across some good, basic blogging advice that could also apply to webcomic websites. Or any regular updating website, for that matter. And while I could rewrite the post for a webcomic audience, I think I’ll just say that cross promotion between webcomic sites is under utilized.

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  1. I don’t think the Fireviews thing would be any good at all, if you were looking for regular readers, or repeat visitors.
    This kind of ‘magic bullet’ approach never works inthe long run.
    For me, the fact that they even mention you can “buy views in bulk” just highlights that this is a false economy of site traffic that will harm a site more than help it.

  2. delos

    It sure seems like a lot of work to ‘view’ other comics in order to get them to view back. But I’ve been wrong in my first impressions before, so I thought to ask everyone.

  3. The Doctor

    I posted something here earlier, with a link to another tutorial on drawing expressions. It’s gone now. Was there something wrong with what I posted or some rule I violated unknowingly?

  4. delos

    No problems with the link, just a delay in approval. That’s a really, really, REALLY great link, as a matter of fact.

    And for everyone who has ever wondered the same, this blog is supposed to be all set for auto-approval if you’ve had an approved comment before.

  5. Xiao Mao

    As far as cross-promotion goes, I already see more of that in webcomics than any other fandom. I think we could do better to reach outside our (relatively) small community and try to get some new people on board. But you probably already thought of that.

  6. delos


    There are some webcomic sites that cross promote. I’d personally like to see it as a regular feature on more comic sites.

    But you are absolutely correct that we need to reach outside our little corners and show people there are entertaining comics to be read besides Dilbert or Blondie.

    Andertoons allows blogs to post comics for free on blog posts and more of us could do something similar in fields or geographic areas related to our comics. I think and you’d probably agree that this is the next logical step if other opportunities don’t present themselves.

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