Fun Things Going On


I Am Legend looked at Titan Sphere and wished for a little more.

Webcomic Overlook ended up being a little cynical about the Oatmeal, which is probably deserved. It’s hard to know how much the topics or jokes are SEO optimized in the comic. Which is good marketing and business but not entirely what I want a comic to be based on. Here’s an interview, you can read it and decide for yourself.

And we hear that the first comics blogger has ended his run. His regular run, at least. He might post every so often.

You may also have caught the news about Betty Boop. I’m wondering if the decision will be overturned. You can never tell how these things are going to work out.

Neil Cohn brought us some scrambled visual comic generators. It’s interesting how your mind tries to make the scrambled comic make sense, even when there is nothing to connect the dots between them.

How would you like to read a child’s book of Dune? That might be fun, huh?

Superhero Girl

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