Let’s Catch Up On Some WebComic Reviews for February 2011

Max Headroom

I Am Legend liked Turbo Defiant Kimecan for a number of reasons and I liked it just for the name alone. And then Legend’s own comic Rain was on the table. That takes some courage and you have to tread some fine lines covering your own work.

I do think would be hard to design new jokes around the same visual beats all the time like I Am Legend’s review of Dinosaur Comics mentions.

Webcomic Overlook examined ReMIND and would’ve preferred a bit more of the feminine in the webcomic but El Santo five starred SpaceTrawler and four starred Nerds of Paradise. Somehow, Wayward Sons managed to eke out three stars from El Santo when I was guessing he’d have to hunt around for one extra to make two.

LAWLS gave us a loot at Toilet Genie and WeeklyComicBookReview covered Atomic Robo. The Bean promoted ChickenHare and Zhi looked at Barker, ranking it in the top 10% of webcomics. All About Manga had a nice selection of webcomics to enjoy, as well.

Amazing Superpowers

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