Comedy, Children’s Comics and Make Your Own Books

Agent 44

Don’t be funny with me, but show me how to be funny. Give me perspective on this comedy business! (Not a reflection on the comedy article’s advice, kids. Just a poor opportunity gone bad.)

Is your comic for children? Do you have an age range that you are aiming for? Are you aware of the differences in reading and comprehension ability in different age groups? It’s kind of heavy, I know, but here’s a little taste of the complexity of how kids read comics.

Then you might wonder what the latest news is on children’s books. What do children and parents want out of printed media? For example, do kids get their books in bookstores or not?

Folks like us are always wondering how to price their own books. This article talks about pricing ebooks but the gist is that you should probably price on the high end of similar books. In any case, it’s something to put a lot of thought into.

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