Shaking Things Up

The People That Melt In The Rain

Before you try, you think comics can’t be that hard to make – especially if you can draw already. Well, how long before you learned it’s not like that at all?

Have a good comic? Feel like you don’t have a real audience yet and it’s been three months already? Take heart. You’re at the point where you need to dig down and keep working. People work on their comics and art their whole lives, never satisfied. Do you think three months is enough of a try?

And when you’re thinking about how hard it is to make a comic and how it must be nice to be one of the top three comic publishers, think again. It’s all hard and largely thankless work.

So, would you like to be inspired by someone selling 164,000 ebooks last year and 450,000 last month? Think you might like to emulate her example? And reMind offers a whole bunch of self publishing video tips.

Even though comic creating advice can be found by the spadeful, I always browse comic creation tips when I find them. Sometimes one person’s individual take on things can reveal something I may have overlooked.

I happen to like seeing the process behind a comic. Here’s the process behind the comic below.
Animatic Press by Frank Hansen


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  2. Like anything, it takes a lot of hard work. What makes this particular profession even more difficult is that you’re, for the most part, working in a vacuum and have no real idea if your work is being well received or not. Set goals. Stick to ’em. You can always flip burgers if comics don’t work out for you but give it a few years first.

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