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Perhaps I have not seen another comic site’s coverage of this – and if I have, please comment below or email me a link. If someone else has explored this further, I’d like to know.

Anyway, I saw this recent news development between Google’s and Apple’s One Pass programs. Basically, if I understand it right, these one passes will allow digital content like books and comics to be displayed on any digital device. And the main difference between the programs is cost to the publisher, though readers might prefer Google’s less limity terms, which would allow for 30 day trials and so on.

Obviously, I haven’t had time to really research it, but isn’t this a very handy way to help distribute comics? You’ll take advantage of a large internet company’s leverage and your comic can be read in your reader’s preferred device and with their preferred reader. Isn’t that what we’d all prefer?

No offense to iVerse or whatever companies are out there, but why should we be tied into a proprietary reader for any digital content? (I understand that it’s been pretty much necessary to do so thus far, so I’m not knocking the efforts made.) The point is we all want comics to be easily readable on any device we choose.

So I’m wondering if you know of anyone looking forward to using this one pass thing from Google or Apple to help distribute a comic?

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