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Pig and Knife Dude

As you know, it’s not all about making good comics. We have to get the word out, as well.

You are probably looking for ways to bring more people to your website. Here are ten suggestions, some of the a dubious fit for webcomics, but they can give you a chance to be creative with the suggestions. You might say I’m already doing number five because I’m on all the toplists. That’s good because you’re covering your bases but reach out and do the same with your comic’s niche. If your comic is about – I don’t know… farming and ranching, then you can find places to share your farm related content.

But then it might be handy to know – to really know – what to track on your website to actually know if you’re making progress. Where does your site rank for your site keywords? You should be able to rank pretty well for “farm comic,” I would think. Someone, please get your farm comic ranking better than the comic image that comes up first.

Once you see what brings people in, why not capture them forever?

Maggot Boy

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