What Are Those Webcomickers Up To?

Papercraft Dog by Tektonten

Have you taken on a comic challenge lately? Carolyn Belefski of Curls Studio took on the hourly comic challenge on Hourly Comic Day.

Click here to see what The Comics Journal calls one of the best comics on the web. You probably won’t be too surprised. I Am Legend gave reMind an 8 and a quote “This one is interesting and original!” And was just as keen on Twilight Monk, too.

Meanwhile, HeroSpy gave us a preview of Seeds which I reviewed the other day if you want my take on it. I’m Not Mad looked at Something Positive and wonders how long it will last. Webcomic Overlook gives out no cash to No Cash Value.

I found Kleefeld’s Shenanigans Mashups amusing and want to see more. You may also want to check out Sketch Comedy, as well.

And there are some interesting developments with digital comics from Diamond to keep our eye on. They are including comic retailers in their plan, which is worth considering. Is the angle that Diamond needs comic book shops (unlikely) or that Diamond feels like the comic book shops are needed to get people buying comics online (more likely) or something else? No offense, but I don’t believe “We love comics” is the sole reason for this change. Maybe one of those comic journalist types can make a phone call and find out for us or more details might be available after the 10th.

Space Avalanche


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