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What Did I Learn?


Seeds is the autobiographical story of how the author, Ross Mackintosh, and his family were affected by his father’s cancer; beginning with his diagnosis in 2009, then taking us through the journey of his father’s decline and eventual passing. Those are the words from the cover.

I’m not sure how to best build on them, the heartbreaking pain of losing a parent is just beyond my words to do justice to – at best I’d sound cavalier or trite. I’m fairly stoic but I found myself empathizing very strongly for this poor soul and his family. The loss was sudden and tragic and hours later I’m still tearing up at the thought of how this man and his family had to face this loss. You really get the sense of how powerless we humans are and how we try to cope with this realization with some dignity.

The comic itself is created mostly in six square panels on a page, with the occasional variation. A rare panel here or there was spotted black and there are a few parts of the story with flashback panels and internal monologs. There’s also a hint of texture crosshatched in each panel so the setting is not all black and white and stark.

There are a couple of repeating gems in this story that I won’t spoil because they are part of the reward of reading the story for yourself. However, they round the story and events out nicely, giving a structure to the way the story is told and serving as high points along the way. I also understand that Brian Fies of Mom’s Cancer and What Happened to the World of Tomorrow is writing the Foreward, which sounds very appropriate to me.

What Did I Learn?

This is one of those comics that’s very deep and introspective and personal. This is an excellent example of how powerful comics can be and something we can all aspire to. My heart and well wishes go out to Ross and his family. Seeds will be available from Com>X in April 2011 and I heartily recommend you pick it up when it comes available for sale in April 2011.

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