Webcomic News and Reviews 2-8-11


The Beat turned one. Congrats!

reMind showed us 6-Commando and Panel Patter reviewed Mermin Volume 5, which brings the first story arc to a conclusion. You probably will also like the Cartoon Bear Review and learning the 5 Good Reasons to Punch A Dolphin in the Mouth. I Am Legend covered Grrl Power and Newsarama interviewed Daniel Lieske of the spectacular Wormworld Saga. And Webcomic Overlook piles it high and deep in order to proclaim a five star comic.

TCJ looked at an interesting piece called Brickbrickbrick which takes us a little off the beaten path. Comics Worth Reading let us look at an Introspective comic that I’m sure all comic creators can appreciate and seems to have been pretty impressed with The Dreamer.

The Comics Grid looked pretty deeply into a single Peanuts comic from 1950 and a Tintin comic; it’s all about the story in between the panels. We are also in debt to Sunday Comics Debt for sharing some manga and trying to place some of the comics shown.

reMind also has a contest going, a request for guest comics and seeks a colorist.

I wish I was just a bit nearer to Paris than across a whole ocean; the walk is a bit longer than I have time for. I’d like to have seen the Moebius Exhibition in person.

And if you want to catch up on One Piece, it seems to already be at chapter 612 so you and I had better get reading.


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  2. admin

    @Fokko Thanks for commenting. It is nice to hear that people find my efforts useful. It used to bug me that readers didn’t comment more but my style of writing is not as contentious as others. I’m fine with giving out some things to think about and which don’t always require an instant value judgement.

    I’m also prone to going on and on about things. =)

    @Antinestrife Thanks for noticing. I really enjoy your reviews and their format. I’ve seen others try the piecemeal rating system but none were consistent as you are.

    @Ernesto I’m sure you’ll have lots more quality stuff to come. Also, thanks for adding ArtPatient to your interesting blogroll – I have some sites on your list I want to visit.

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