Get The Word Out About Your Comic

Autumn Breeze

Want more eyes on your comic? Eat your Oatmeal. Or maybe imitate your Oatmeal.

You could also find more ways to distribute your comic digitally. Make a pdf of a short story arc or a handful of pages worth of your comics. Add an entertaining cover, put your website link on each page and give instructions for everyone to download it from your website and send it to their friends. Post the link to this pdf on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, along with the forward this to your friends instruction. Think of this like pouring sand into an aquarium with rocks in it… the sand will find all the nooks and crannies of opportunity on its own.

Add some images to Tumblr, Deviant Art and Flickr with links back to your website. This is just promotion and you should budget some time to do that every week anyway. If you’d rather not do full comics, put up your sketches instead. Have a contest about naming the sketchbook.

Reviews will help, too. They may provide some buzz, some traffic and hopefully a link. Now, all the reviewers I know of have a backlog of requests, but you can always talk nice about other people’s comics in your comments. Maybe they will do the same for you. Cross promoting is powerful.

Put out an offer to make a custom comic on your website, on Ebay or Etsy. If you don’t knw what to ask, charge what you think you’re worth, twice over. $40,000 might be a little too steep but dream bigger than $10 an hour, anyway. Even if no one take syou up on it, you never know where being obviously available may open doors for you.

And your comics have a great deal of value, even if you can’t see it. Comics can communicate a great deal of information that neither text nor images alone can. Andertoons explains it all quite nicely in this post on Cartoons & Content Marketing. If comics can even spice up boring business presentations, then they can have a big impact in other ways, too. Tom Richmond also addresses this point when he answers the question Is Print Dying and What Is Happening To The Industry?

What if some creative work you did turns up years later in some totally unexpected place? How would you feel knowing that you really touched someone’s life with your funnybook arts and crafts? It happens, even if you never see it.

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