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So let me get this Wizard stuff all straight… Shamus has fired (pretty much) everyone at Wizard and is now trying to promote conventions and push GeekChicDaily? And will the supposed all new digital Wizard magazine cover more than just the same handful of creators? Can you imagine the downward slide reversing itself just because Wizard magazine goes digital? And what about Toyfare?

Newsarama had some industry pros weigh in on the events, Newsarama posted a eulogy, Robot 6 was among the first to break the news and the Comics Reporter had well articulated misgivings about the move to a digital magazine. And then there’s this whole hand in glove maneuvering.

I think that covers all the major angles on this so far. I know all of us are wishing the best for the staffers who are now looking for work. Does Shamus really think this won’t have consequences for him down the line? Really, no matter what your opinion of Wizard magazine and whatever the plans are going forward, will there be anyone in the industry eager to work with Shamus on anything?

Here’s a slightly different and distracting sort of webcomic for you… trust me. It’s what you need right now.

If Wishes Were Horses

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