Strip News 1-15-11

Odessa♦ I’ve been reading this comic called Odessa. It has some adult language and harshly dramatic situations and it’s more introspective than escapist, so it’s not the kind of thing that casual readers might gravitate toward. However, if you’re reading this website, you might be the sort of person who likes a comic with story weight. If not, there are a number of other comics on the Inkbot website which you might want to check out.

I Am Legend had some webcomic reviews since I last updated – one f which I liked was Catena and another was Red’s Planet. And Webcomic Overlook had a really interesting take on looking back at 2010. Panel Patter reviewed Red – A Haida Manga and laid out some thoughts about manga expectation. Lines and Colors had a nice overview of the The Wormworld Saga which you will probably want to read. Even the reMind blog stepped up with a plug for Twilight Monk.

Zegas put up a new “Birthday” update just a few days ago on MTVGeek. You can also see “Cactus” on the Arthur Magazine website

This made me want to search for shadowbox comics. Anyone know of any? I found Megan Brain’s work and some props. The internet is a big place and surely someone out there is doing this.

♦ And you know about the uncanny valley, right? When something (a robot, cg image, etc) moves like a human but only almost looks human and this causes a feeling of revulsion? Maybe it’s in the eyes. Clearly, there comes a point where you accept that it’s not human and the revulsion disappears. Perhaps those doing cg or photo comics can use this to avoid the uncanny valley effect.

Dancing CatTroops of Doom recently passed their 300th comic and has announced their contest winners. One of my favorite Troops of Doom comics right here… Take The Initiative (title mine.)

♦ And who could overlook the ComixTalk 2010 Roundtable?

♦ You know how, as comic artists, we have talents and that comics have a certain charm and motion to them that text or images alone can’t convey? Why not use your superpowers for good? Want an example? Look to Travis Hanson.

♦ Speaking of which, Robot 6 posted a link to Ten Tips For Webcomic Beginners. It’s from the All About Manga blog which should be on your reading list anyway. What should also be on your reading list is the One Panel Criticisms. What can you learn from a single panel? I also liked Ryan’s and Travis’s advice, too.

♦ And you saw the history of The Beat, right? It has two big pieces of advice you want to follow, if nothing else. Pushing Social also had some advice on how we look at our blogs, but it applies to making comics, too. The goals are the same.

♦ From Talkin Bout Comics, I’ve learned that Wolverine had magic movie pants. I’m sure the same was mentioned about the Hulk TV show with Ferrigno and Bixby, back in the day.

♦ Now for a bit about coding. Most online comic publishers seem to use ComicPress but if you have another blog or WordPress driven website, give a thought to your theme security. It’s not obvious in the article, but you may want to install the TAC and Exploit Scanner plugins to check your theme. If you’re really adventurous, try this speech bubbles tooltip, too.

♦ And for those of you who may think science fiction is a bunch of navel gazing, I think we can say that Star Trek helped bring us the cel phone and Star Wars brought us this. It seemed so far fetched back in the day…

The Joker

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