The King! Issue 2 Review

What Did I Learn?

Today’s review is on The King! Issue 2 by Bradford and Hall. The scene opens with Elvis talking about his last zombie conquest to the bemused woman behind the bar. This threw me for a minute till I realized this is The King.

Last issue, he was not what I’d call talkative. Of course, it was a woman, in this case. If the King had a weakness that would cause him to talk, I’d say that was it. And then true to form, there’s a scuffle and a couple of guys want to talk with the King. They’ve got this thing for him to do which he has just the talents for.

From there, we get to see more of the King in action. There are a number of clever shot angles and one liners liberally sprinkled through the rest of the issue. And some Rock and Roll brass knuckle action. Good stuff.

A couple of things: first, the King seems much more muscular in this issue. I seem to have misplaced my review copy of King! #1 (reviewed here,) so I can’t double check.

Secondly, in my memory, the King had the Spear of Destiny at the end of the last comic. I don’t recall him misplacing it or giving it away or it going ‘ploink’ out of existence. However, I figure my memory is just bad and there’s an expl… Ah. Yeah. Mea Culpa. It took me a couple of reads to catch it. Those Bradford and Hall guys are subtle tricky sometimes.

Thirdest, we get to see an awesome awesome awesome sneak peak back at the King in his past wrestler glory. And talk to his … ex-boss. I also hope there’s a big stockpile of page nine posters available for sale. The issue ends with some fun poster worthy pinups, too.

What Did I Learn?

Last issue had peanut butter and banana burritos and foreshadowing. This time we get plot twists, more foreshadowing and a chocolate pudgy wudgy. And the story only gets bigger from here. It’s a good time to check out The King.

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