The Dream Quest of Randolph Carter review

What Did I Learn?

The Dream Quest of Randolph Carter is a webcomic by Charles Cutting, edited by Natalie Cutting and hosted by The Illustrated Ape. It’s a man’s journal which was later picked up by his grandson and later finished. It uses one of my favorite techniques – a scratchy pen work along with spot colors.

One thing that jumped right out at me was the way that the dialog (narration) bled from one panel to the next (on page three, particularly.) What a wonderful way to tease the reader’s imagination about what will happen next. Another thing that works very well is that the perspective is ever so slightly off. This plays into the dream aspect of the comic very nicely.

The Grandfather found a way to enter the Dreamlands when he fell asleep and detailed the method in his journal. His grandson, upon finding the journal, then followed in his footsteps. Unfortunately, the grandson is (or has become) very demanding, self centered and fixated on finding a marvelous golden city in the Dreamworld.

All is not as it seems, though I won’t be giving out any spoilers. This comic is based on the work of Lovecraft, so I suspect bad things will happen shortly. The free portion of the comic is very short but many characters are introduced and the stage is very well set and if the story grabs you, then I’m sure you’ll want to donate and see the rest of the story.

What Did I Learn?

I assume the grandson is named Randolph Carter, but I keep wondering if that’s actually the grandfather’s name since it was his journal originally – and perhaps the city was his quest originally. Perhaps more will be revealed in later updates of The Dream Quest of Randolph Carter.

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