Strip News 11-25-10

Wizard of Oz in Profile♦ I try not to simply repeat webcomic news that you may have already seen elsewhere, and ComixTalk has been covering things nicely.

Mike Lynch pointed us to a look at Bob Flynn’s comic making process. “Something is always lost in the process. But I consider it my job to retain as much of the life from the scrawl as possible, by limiting the steps. Here, scrawl to pencil to ink.

Panel Patter liked The Spirit: In Contention while Webcomic Overlook brought us a discussion about the Yellow Kid and American Barbarian. I Am Legend reviewed Hot Chick (as well as several more reviews and posts since then, too.)

♦ There was a discussion on The WebComic List about gag vs long form comics which I had hoped would get more in depth. At the very least, the discussion covers the basic options and suggestions one should think about that topic.

Casey and Scorry had a 3-D strip that I hope to see more of. I’m also pretty excited to see Nathan Sorry available on digital devices.

This was pretty interesting, too. Found it on Reddit.

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