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What Did I Learn?


I’m not entirely sure how to describe LEHOismby Lehoo (Leo Horovitz.) This comic is an absurdist, single panel comic in flat colors and penwork with a smidge of forced perspective from time to time. It also reminds me of the sort of thing you’d see in a sketchbook – if the sketchbook wasn’t quite so haphazard. After August 2010, the comic is produced on a tablet so the quality of the artwork changes to be less sketchbook, more thin lined and includes shading.

A number of the panels are at least 50% negative space, which implies certain tones of isolation unpleasantness or sometimes just pure focus. The comments below each comic throw a little light on what led Lehoo to produce the particular comic, which really helps to understand them.

Lehoo really takes a sideways view of things. (Not that I’m a normal thinker by any stretch, mind you. Pot calling kettle, and all that.) In the first comics, Lehoo does some interesting things with word balloons and characters interacting with them. It’s abstract. The text inside most balloons is crammed in, leading me to feel like the thoughts were urgent, rushed and unfocused.

Which is a pretty honest thing to include. After all, very few of our thoughts can be expressed clearly and with impact without editing. Some of the word balloon tails originate from inside the speaker’s mouth, which gives me the impression that the words were, more or less, spit out in unedited fashion.

Many of the comics explore the idea of what people are thinking about. Some find themselves wondering what other people are thinking only to find out they are flat wrong. Others wrestle with keeping ones own thoughts in order or, in some cases, just try to get the thoughts out.

What Did I Learn?

At the end of October 2010, the comic has hit that point where the artist feels the need to create variation on the initial ideas for the comic. As the comic has progressed, you can see cleaner lines, more interesting layouts and more refinement in general – without losing the Lehoo’s unique edge.



  1. Clay Ward

    Just trying to get thoughts out is definitely why I draw. Now why do I publish? Seriously though… I like the process as unfolding and checking in style.

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