The Tale of Aeria

What Did I Learn?

Today’s review is on a black and white manga called The Tale of Aeria by Fabian Rastorfer and Songwut Ouppakarndee. If you like manga and pirates, you’ll like this comic. Of course, you need to remember to read it right to left while appreciating the wild expressions and punchy dialog. The tagline is “A story of epic proportion and a few too many laughs.”

Tale of Aeria manga

At this point in the story (10-20-10) when the review is being written, the origin of the hero Fabraz has been established. Fabraz is a young man with a heart of gold, white hair, eyepatch, eager to take revenge his father’s death. Once an abandoned orphan, an air pirate captain named Jarks took him in and taught him the pirate life. Jarks, a half robot Amarog (anthropomorphic animals of various kinds,) and his crew of pirates called the Jackals has been slain by the villainous Serpentis of indeterminate age, unequaled evil and the owner of a sinister corporation. The stage is set for action.

Tale of Aeria

As you can see, The Tale of Aeria is going to be chock full of all those fun things that its creators enjoy. You have to admit, an over the top comic about a vengeful air pirate against a clear bad guy has its own charm. There is something to be said for a story with unambiguous opponents.

Right now, the comic is black and white with grey cel shading which sometimes is a little lighting harsh for me and can make the comic a little difficult to follow. I like black and white comics but the well done color background of the website makes me want to see more color in the strip itself. There are other solutions, of course, and I would not presume to tell someone else what to do with their comic. I just like that color.

What Did I Learn?

The Tale of Aeria is fairly well done and in many ways is just getting started. It avoids some very basic errors like talking heads, undifferentiated characters and over-exposition. And let’s face it, who doesn’t like air pirates? As you can see, it looks great it print.

Tale of Aeria manga comic


  1. Thanks for this review!
    It’s nice to see your opinion about it and I was thrilled to see that you caught all the small details, that will later be explained further, already, such as the species of Amarogs or unknown age of Serpentis.
    A very fun read indeed.

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