Strip News 10-29-10

Here’s some weekend reading for you…

Visit Yavin♦ The Cool Webcomic List reviewed Golden Boy with it’s very different look and the Replacements. I Am Legend covered Two Kinds, WayRift, Darkbrain and the enjoyable Eben07. I’d like to see The Looney Tunes Treasury that Mike Lynch reviewed, too. Webcomic Overlook has kept busy with a bunch of reviews, including the historical Buster Brown and the the future of webcomics, although number five is statistically impossible, IMO.

Gutter Brawl brings out this quote that” The sad truth is that almost everything almost every artist tries to earn money will fail”. It’s also true that not everyone gets paid to play baseball or football or golf, either. We can take from this that we should be creating comics not for dreams of wealth and fame but for the simple love of doing it.

♦ And maybe you’ve seen this article with the title of
1st Amendment Rights Don’t Apply To Cartoonists. I’m not familiar enough with the website or the parties involved to comment on who is more right or less wrong BUT it does seem like a simple conversation could have been a better way to solve the problem.

Han and Greedo Dining ♦ I found it kind of refreshing that Jim Lee has trouble drawing Superman. Not because of petty jealousy, but because he has to think about it. It doesn’t come easy and he wants to get it right.

♦ Want to learn how to draw Invader Zim? Try Cartoon Block’s YouTube Channel. I found that while watching the interview with the creator of KND that I found on Mike Lynch’s Blog. Good stuff.

Robot 6 had a great post about layouts, with a link to layout analysis that shows you how to seize the center. Carpe Medietas.

♦ The Adventure Blog had a great link to some marketing advice we can all take advantage of, specially at cons.

♦ And Ira Marcks of Witch Knots is teaching some comic and visual narrative workshops at the Capital Region Art Center in Troy, New York this winter. I’ll post more details when I get them, but you may want to visit his website and ask about it.


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