Strip News 10-10-10

Just Design♦ There is always lots going on out there in webcomicland. Here are a few things that caught my eye…

Project Fanboy had this really great analysis on comic antagonists as protagonists. You may also want to follow the Frank Quitely link on this post by Super Punch to see how to do one gesture, one action by multiple characters.

♦ And you must have seen this unfortunately named new self publishing thing from Barnes and Noble. Anyone have an urge to publish via this service?

I Am Legend reviewed 1977 and Soul Eye. Panel Patter covered Amazing SuperPowers and Webcomic Overlook posted a webcomic grab bag.

♦ I’m a little far away from London, but the Comica Symposium looks like a fun event, if you like comic research and festivals.

♦ And I’m sure you will enjoy the ongoing graphic biography of Vincent John McKeown. Plus you can get Ready, Set,Go! if you didn’t get your copy at Comic Con.


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