Strip News and Kisenja 10-2-10

♦ Hope your 24 Hour Comic Day is fruitful.

♦ I enjoyed Kleefeld’s thoughts on comic prices. Thee needle doesn’t have anywhere left to move, indeed.

♦ I’m waiting to see what the Marooned visual re-boot looks like. I know, I know. It’s still a long way away before we’ll see anything.

♦ In the meantime, Panel Patter brings us the tale of Sir Fluffington McKitty, which I’m sure you shan’t miss out on. I Am Legend covered Fera: A Tale Of Monsters, A Tale Of Beast and Wayward Sons.

Lines and Colors reminds us that Peanuts turned 60.

♦ Here is yet another way to comic-fy your photos and artwork. And maybe you will eventually need to display your comic in a new format?

♦ We can’t go too many updates without talking about webcomic promotion. Everyone wonders what can be done and this TWCL link has lots of good ideas.

♦ And I’d like to ask you something about Kisenja [Caution: There are a few risque moments more hinted at than shown.] The comic starts out black and white, then strategically adds color – in the latest comics (episode 8,) multiple variations on a shade are used. And some of the panels have a special effect or two, which is pretty neat. You can see a full review of Kisenja here, if you want.

There’s something about it that is visually striking but I’m wondering if the heavy blacks are serving to slow down the reading flow. Since I am sometimes the statistical outlier on things, what’s your impression about the comic?


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