Strip News 9-24-10


D.J. Coffman’s 15 proven methods for making money with your comics and illustrations online. It’s worth every penny – I miss D.J.’s old money making blog – I’d get the e-book now because the price is going up soon. Besides the e-book, you can get some coaching and emails on the “awesome list.”

I Am Legend covered End Town and Wayward Sons. Also, ComixTalk reviewed The Little Prince.

♦ And what is the deal behind DC’s sudden announcement? The Comics Reporter had some interesting observations on the move. Warner’s moves don’t seem that savvy to me. Maybe Warner should read about a Dirt Nap before its too late.

♦ Anyway, the age old question is sound effects or no sound effects?

♦ I made a small comment on Webcomic Overlook‘s post about defining webcomics. Upon further reflection, if I’m reading a comic first published on a screen, it’s a webcomic. There’s something different in the approach to creating a comic for print versus screens.

Pickled Ink is looking for one good artist.

♦ Mr. Kleefeld had some thought provoking posts lately. Everything from comic pricing, reviews of Amulet and Destiny’s Hand and showed us how much a webcomic creator made so far this year.

♦ I stumbled across this Renderrx page with an interview of Peter Conrad. I always enjoy learning about other artist’s processes and observations.

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