Strip News 9-13-10

Tiger Woods Caricature♦ Most importantly, webcomics are about heart. That’s reason enough to create them, isn’t it? Ah, “Make comics like nobody’s watching” is great advice and encouragement.

Division & Rush sets their sights on Oprah this time. Who knew there was so much drama behind the sets?

♦ Congrats to Eben07, which turned three! To help celebrate, they are giving away prizes to commenters on their web site through September. Each comment on a different comic counts as an entry, so get over there.

♦ Hero v. Villain … What’s the difference?

♦ Which reminds me… If anyone could make the Sub Mariner come to life, it would be Clint. The water thing makes quite the restriction on water heroes, but who could go toe to toe with him? They could probably have done a Fantastic Four movie with Namor (instead of the Surfer) and work it out nicely.

I AM LEGEND begins an animation career. Sort of. I hope so, anyway.

♦ You should have gotten one of these prints before the Lucas Hammer came down. At least you know what a cease-and-desist letter looks like now.

♦ So we have people listing Jedi Knight as their religion and you can read Hamlet in the original Klingon, so it only makes sense that you can see the first Klingon Opera.

♦ And from the life-is-stranger-than-comics, we found Wolverine’s sister.

♦ I imagine that one could learn a lot about story writing if you attended the Screen Writing Expo this year and heard what folks like Erik Bork have to say. (Of course, you could also get him as a consultant for 15% off just by ‘liking’ his Facebook page until October 7th.) It’s stuff like this that can give you a leg up on making engaging stories.

Superhero Business Cards

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