Strip News 9-3-10

Jumping BatgirlMulitplex is having a book giveaway contest until September 22nd.

Sandman TV? For real? Maybe, maybe not.

The Bean is getting its color. You can reread it like a new read, as it progresses. And The Crown Prince will hit 5 Years but will probably end/permanent hiatus in December. Congrats and we look forward to your next project, JG.

♦ And Ink Destroyed My Brush confirmed Waid’s statement that the digital genie is out of the bottle. At some point, even Mickey Mouse becomes a cultural icon that everyone has reference rights to. Seventy years worth of copyright is plenty, really.

♦ Things move on, after all. ConixTalk had an interesting post (by Badman) summarizing Thierry Gorensteen’s book excerpt about webcomics. A couple of interesting points in there, especially one about a screen lacking the sense of location in a longer work.

♦ Sometimes that means that progress comes at a cost, though. Should bloggers (and by extension) anyone who tries to profit from a website pay taxes? The article is about bloggers but if the precedent is set, then all for-profit sites will inevitably come under the tax ax. Something to keep an eye on, anyway.

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