Strip News 8-22-10

Fortified TowerTangents had an interesting look at Requiem where it is brought out that an artist used the Uncanny Valley for more good than bad. Bravo. Panel Patter looked at Salt Water Taffy, too.

♦ And before we go any further, a big shout out to ComixTalk for a large variety of comic voices saying some interesting things this week. Paperless Comics had a full plate of comic info served up as well. Mentioned therein was Webcomic Overlook’s post about the Penny Arcade fandango. Some people find inappropriate behavior very amusing and the more outrageous it is, the more amusing it is.

Project Fanboy had an article going in-depth into the digital comic revolution and whether or not print is dead.

♦ And this little tidbit from the reMind blog can help add a little subtle something to your work.

♦ As a public service announcement, how did I not hear about this for a whole week?

Perpendicular Universe hits 200 comics and 2 years

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