Strip News 8-5-10

SMASH comic in September♦ First up, SMASH gets published. Good for you, Brothers Bolton. And congrats to Webcomic Overlook for continuing to produce great webcomic reviews for three years now.

Robot6 talked with Phil Foglio about publishing and Girl Genius plans. As we can see, not everything goes smoothly even for the most successful comic artists. Still, if you keep on you might just keep on.

♦ And I hate it when this happens. Still, if you missed it, you can at least check out the review of Least I Could Do. You also saw the Dalhouse review on ComixTalk, right?

Val talked about digital comic pricing here. As for me, I’m game for 99 cents for single back issues and 1.99 for single new releases. I can’t see more than that unless you start adding extra issues but I’m getting old and crotchety – well past the point of collecting just to collect or reading just to stay current.

♦ I’m always keeping an eye out for inspiring locations for interesting scenes down the road. Maybe you can do something with this location.

♦ I just found this, but it is appropriately named Indistinguishable From Magic. We can read about hands, poses and a process. I did like the art when I reviewed Dresden Codak and I’m glad to see a little into the creation of it.

PopSyndicate had some changes lately – check it out.

Travis Hanson talked about creating epics and doing better with our webcomic efforts. We have to give readers a reason to visit our comics, don’t we? They do have many other entertainment options to choose from.

♦ And for the record, webcomics are not dead or even dying. There are lots of entertainments available but comics aren’t going away. You can do things in comics that you can’t do in movies, video games or even books.

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