Strip News 7/22/10

I’ve been bookmarking fun stuff and I finally have a couple of hours to get it posted…

Red Monkey by Dave Wong2ce liked Laugh Out Loud Cats and ComixTalk told us about Quitting Time. Warren Peace breaks down some miniature comickal entertainments and Sophia Draws pointed us toward her Lettuce Girl review.

♦ Also, ComixTalk has been keeping up on interesting webcomic news bits. Thanks, Xerxes. I did make note that Multiplex turned 5 so I’ll mention it too.

Image takes on EmiTown. Read all about it and then go get a copy of Digger 5. On the other hand, earlier this month Mark Waid said he was going to stop reading supers comics and I haven’t seen a retraction.

♦ I can almost buy Magnum=Indy but I’m glad Pitt≠Bourne. And think of how the Guido-Shot-First scene would have been different with Walken as Solo. “Even I get boarded sometimes. Think I had a choice?”

Blue Line Pro is having a 20th Anniversary Sale, so check out their wares. Webcomicville has a Spies Like Webcomics contest and Project Rooftop has a Cap’n America redesign contest going on too. And you may want to check in on the PR JLA Invitational.

Vader loves Floyd♦ YouTube for comics? Check it out, if you dare.

♦ I always enjoy peeks into an artist’s process. Dani Jones took the time and showed us a little something. In a related way, Ping asked us if we really know what we’re doing or are we doing what we think we’re supposed to be doing? And distantly related to that is how one reviewer (of RPGs) does his reviews. Something else to think about was The Art Of Cause and Effect In A Solitary Comic Panel.

A Nickel’s Worth talked with Michael Jantze and I agree with his answer to question six. And Panel Patter reviewed a whole bunch of good books. Storming The Tower has had some good stuff too, including What She Learned From Reading Print Comics.

♦ It’s always good to revisit the lost art of bamboo wrangling. Actually, it’s a somber piece about some personal history of a man, some paper and bamboo. And the comments talk about digital tools.

♦ And then there was StripGenerator. And Visual Notetaking along with imprint’s interview with Craig Yoe.

Hawk Vs Pigeon

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