Strip News 7-1-10

Wonder Woman's new costume by Jim Lee♦ Let’s get this Wonder Woman redesign out of the way. Any single element works for me (the wristbands, pants, etc) but together it doesn’t say Wonder Woman. I do think it’s time to move beyond the swimsuit and evocative poses but let’s keep something of her heritage in her new feminine SWAT combat suit they eventually will settle on. Project Rooftop had far more interesting designs for Wonder Woman and I’m smitten with this one if the hair was a bit longer and darker. There is more discussion on this in another post over there, too. The thought occurs to me that maybe she could have different outfits for different situations. It’s radical but good enough for Batman and no woman I know wants to wear the same thing everyday. No capes more than shoulder blade length in active wear, though.

♦ You’ve got a blog, right? Oh sure, I know. You have a comic that you post through a wordpress install. The good news is that Google thinks wordpress is only used for blogs, so you can go here and submit your ‘blog’ for indexing. It’s not a guarantee but at least you will know Google is going to glance your site’s way. For the tech specs, you can read where I found out about it.

ComixTalk had some good webcomic news again, mentioning Storming The Tower’s review of The Meek and interviews.

Tales of a Checkered Man has a new website, stop in for a visit. And Lettuce Girl gets a deep review on TCJ. Kampung Boy did okay in the eyes of Panel Patter.

♦ Ever try a bamboo pen?

Apple Scruffs♦ Have you read The Art Of Cause and Effect In A Solitary Comic Panel yet? That technique adds storytelling depth and deserves more study. There are more things worth looking over in the comments, courtesy of Violet Comics.

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