Strip News 6-26-10

The Big Lebowski Toys♦ Last week, we finally got to see what a Platypus Robot looks like. I have to say that I agree with the choice of winning entry. And back in early June, GoMediazine pointed out The Brads, which looks fun. More up to date, Are You A Serious Comic Book Reader looked at Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard and was impressed by one story in particular.

Curls Studio is looking for you, if you are a graphic designer or art director and cartoon on the side. There’s a project that needs you. Benito Cereno is also looking for an artist to collaborate with.

Xerxes briefly covered a comic called Folly and Innovation plus had lots of other webcomics news that you should check out if you haven’t been to his site in a while. You might be missing out on some cool webcomic stuff. Ghetto Manga reviewed the Missile Mouse Hardcover and Webcomic Overlook reviewed Bottle of Awesome.

♦ He also talked about DC’s iPad publishing initiative, among other things. Down The Tubes had some interesting webcomic items, as well.

Concept Art has some interesting classes beginning July 1st, in case anyone is interested.

Epic Fail Unshaded♦ This comic is called Epic Fail and if you like long-term fantasy stories, you will probably like this comic. It is rated Web-14, though it mostly implies rather than shows or dwells on anything. Part of the reason I mention Epic Fail is the dramatic improvement of the art when shading is applied – it fits the tone of the comic much better, IMHO. See the next image?
Shaded Epic Fail

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