Strip News 6-12-10

Just a couple of things worth mentioning…

MAD 504Scott Nickel of A Nickel’s Worth had a gag that made it to the cover of MAD Magazine 504. No less impressively, the Cave of Cool hit 5,000 posts. Congrats, Scott and Calvin.

The latest issue (July 2010) of Popular Science showed a 3-d camcorder due out in stores this month – July? The next version will record in 1080p and be released later this year, in case you want the better version. I can imagine some great 3-d claymation webcomics being produced with one of these. For those of you who might want the stats on this, you can go to DXG USA and search for “DXG 5D7V”… but you won’t find it there. You can see the device here, though.

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