Strip News 6-9-10

Conan LegocubeBlambot has new fonts up (and a 10% off sale.)

♦ Them sneaky Wowio guys acquired Drunk Duck. Kleefeld had a great post about Marvel’s Digital Comic Iniative. Diamond posted the April 2010 Market Shares, with Marvel leading the pack.

♦ Want to go to summer school? What if it was a summer comic classes here or here? How about some in-depth reading at The Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics?

Evil Genius DrawerGeeksWebcomic Overlook appropriately dashed off a review of Spinnerette and peered a bit deeper into Wasted Talent. Tangents talked about 8-bit Theatre and how its ending was a bit lacking but there have been bits of awesomeness, too. Spwug didn’t like Least I Could Do very much but I think Webcomics Critique absolutely hated Nemi.

Digital Strips hit 200 episodes, so congrats to them.

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