Strip News 6-3-10

T-1000 Toy♦ Check out the Drawing Words and Writings Pictures site with new features.

Wowio sent out an email talking about their new site, so I poked around it. On the Publisher page, I read about how the advertising works: “Three sponsorship pages accompany each eBook download — comprising the first two pages and the last page of each eBook…” I’m thinking that the first two pages are a steep price to pay – that’s like the ad being exclusively above the fold on a web page. Maybe that’s the way it used to be (I don’t recall) and everyone is fine with it but I’m not comfortable with it.

♦ Do you find yourself waffling between I have readers and cringing that readers are looking at work that you are unhappy with? Apparently, this is a fairly common feeling among artists.

Negative One met the five year barrier and passed it while Crowbar Benson passed the 200 strips mark. Congratulations.

Four Color Shadows brings us Fantastic Worlds by Alex Toth.

Marvel-Disney Meger Art♦ As always, watch your tails. Now head on over to ComixTalk and get another batch of comic news.

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