Strip News 5-28-10

Hmmm… Kind of a quiet week…

Night Sky picsThis Week in Webcomics presents Blank It and Storming The Tower looked at My Cardboard Life. Panel Patter (and Newsarama) recommended now as the right time to get into Spacedock Seven.

Bengo and Pug have been busy – check out the six updates of four different comics. Yep. Four comics. My hat’s off to anyone who can manage one regularly, let alone accomplish six updates a week.

♦ The Bean had some well worded and inspirational advice on creating your story and its world. For steampunk inspiration, check out Colonel J Fizziwig’s Blasters & Disruptors.

♦ I have started adapting Pixar’s Process for my own purposes. Mixed in with that, there are some things to be learned from creating comedy.

♦ Since I was distracted by that stuff, I seem to have missed Towel Day. Happily, Kleefeld and the INTERN didn’t.

Kleefeld reported that Wowio is up to something, though it’s not clear what.

Bossk by Balistreri

♦ As you know, Pac-Man is forever. As if you needed me pointing you toward readily available time wasting websites.

Platypus Robot needs a platypus robot, so they are having a contest.

♦ And last week, I pointed to the Mooky Chick’s webcomic tips but I neglected to give source credit (forgot to bookmark it in media res, sorry.)

Pooh vs Hobbes

If you’re still reading, I may be switching up the format and look here at ArtPatient in the near future. I’ve struggled along but my circumstances no longer reasonably allow for a regular weekly posting schedule of webcomic news and reviews. There are other sites which serve that webcomic news niche wonderfully and are a bit more timely, to boot.

Still, I love comics and I’ll still be talking about them. I will be commenting more on your sites directly instead of saving opinions for my site. My posts will be unscheduled, smaller and more frequent, aside from longer pieces like reviews. The grab bag posts will continue daily since you all do such great stuff all the time.

Note that I will be removing ads and changing the blog layout to something more standard. Don’t let it throw you.

Finally, I really do need to get back to working on my own projects – after all, what’s the point of examining webcomics for things worth emulating if one isn’t going to do something with that information?

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