Let’s Talk Comic Words

I’m sure you would like to maximize the number of visitors you get to your comic site. Do you ever wonder what comic related topics people are most interested in? Do you ever muse about what internet users are actually searching for on the internet?

As it turns out, for April 2010, the global breakdown for words related to comics are…

top search phrases in millions
books 101
manga 46
comics 20
comic 17
comics books 4
superhero 3
comic book 2
superheroes 1.5
online manga 1
comic books .8
marvel comics .6
comics online .2
webcomic .2
online comic .2
manga comics .1
batman comics .1
download comics .1
naruto comic .1
comics book .1
superman comic .1
japanese manga .1
superman comics .1
comic book heroes .1
collectible comics 90k
action comics 90k
berserk manga 90k
webcomics 90k
silver age comics 74k
manga comic 74k
manga books 60k
free online manga 60k
comic book store 60k
comic book stores 60k
comics superhero 60k
digital comics 60k
manga book 50k
free online comics 50k
image comics 50k
web comic 50k

The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter – it’s the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning. (Mark Twain) So how does one use this information?

It lets you make some educated guesses about what potential visitors want. For instance, it appears that more searches are made for a single “webcomic” at a time, as opposed to “webcomics.” Using the word “comic” on your site puts you in those 17 million searches and is useful for reaching the general comic community. Using the word “webcomic” will help you appeal to the 200,000 searches per month for that term. “Webcomics” is 90,000 and using the term “web comic” only nets 50,000 results. Use all these terms along with more specific keywords to get into both the most common searches and into niche searches.

Another thing we can see is that if you are selling a printed book, refer to the fact that you have “books” for sale. The word “book” by itself doesn’t even rank in the top 100. As you can see, picking the most actively searched for words can make a difference.

The downside is not to get too caught up in the numbers. You might see the popularity of manga and superheroes searches and think the path to riches is to create a “manga superhero” comic. That does not necessarily mean that you will see (46+3) 49 million searches leading to your comic. As a matter of fact, that specific phrase only gets about a 1000 searches per month. The upside of this is you can get an idea of what your potential audience size is.

For example, the monthly searches for “webcomic reviews” is 390 per month, so that’s about the maximum traffic a webcomic review will get based on that term alone.

Further, the typical click rate is between 2 to 3% for any of these terms and those percent fall mostly on the first search results page. While you want to use some general terms like manga or superhero, using more specific terms related to your comic’s topic, real life location and characters will bring in visitors more likely to be interested in your comic. Specific terms are more likely to show up on the front page of specific searches and you are more likely to get a new visitor interested in the topic of your comic.

All the numbers listed above are from a sample query in May 2010 and they change from month to month, but the values listed above are the global averages for the last year and note long term trends. Delivering what your audience is searching for is bound to yield better results than trying to attract them with something else.

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