Strip News 5-8-10

The big news this week is Zuda’s no-more-contest-for-you announcement. It seems like the competition added urgency and audience participation (aka excitement) and I’m not sure what they can do that will keep the momentum going without a competition. Anyway, here are some other webcomic things worth seeing…

Gronk by KatieWebcomic Overlook rightly gave Bayou and The Guns of Shadow Valley five stars. Webcomics Critique recommended Smash and was a little meh over Currhue. Webcomic Asylum gave Ace Hoyle the chimp treatment and Luprand eyed Power Out.

Daily Crosshatch recommended the grand experiment of Notable Duels while Optical Sloth looked at Rabid Eye, Your Puffy Ships Are Sinking, Amarillo, The Job Thing, Celebrity Skint, Sugar and Spite, True Loves, Trigger, The Natural World, Yasha Lizard, Everything Dies, Curio Cabinet, Folkomix, Disco Slaughterhouse and Johnny the Homicidal Maniac by Jhonen Vasquez. Hat’s off to you, Mr. Bramer.

Project Rooftop posted the Black Canary winners. Quick critique: The top one is pretty good, though I’m not a big fan of the cape’s bottom shape. She should have a cape (or longer hair) or something that helps show motion when she’s jumping around. Maybe if it were more like a split-to-the-waist piano-coat… I dunno what they’re called, but Victor Borge wore them during some of his acts.

Missile Mouse Book 2♦ Congrats to Comics Alliance, which reached the one year mark and had some discussion about long creator runs in comics.

The Daily Crosshatch brought us some good Samurai Jack news and that Snake Pit will only run to the end of this year. Goats is on hiatus and undergoing some change.

Comics Worth Reading had an article on how to make [superhero] comics interesting again, which is a good idea. I don’t think it would hurt to ease up on being so focused on continuity, too. Since the characters don’t really change very much, Superhero comics should be filled with side stories and what-ifs as opposed to (my impression) cataloging Superman’s day-in-day-out saving of the earth universe infinite universes and keeping the same timeline as Batman (for example.) There are some advantages to having continuity, so maybe one book should keep continuity for that comic universe and the other stories could be “time-lined” in by editors when fans ask. For DC, maybe that anchor comic could be Justice League and focus on recent events, as the article suggested.

Storming The Tower asked What is your diary comic about? And then promptly gave us a bunch of diary comics to look at.

♦ And something to be aware of. These folks here seem to think they have rights over everything Einstein. They don’t, no matter what they claim. They claim to have trademarks on the name and my understanding is that someone probably holds copyright on what was written by Einstein and his photos – I don’t know who holds what actual ip. In any case, this company makes broad claims about owning his likeness and every quote. If they could do that, then you would never have seen E=MC2 in your science textbook. Anyway, the only place their claims can truly be disputed is in court which would require lots of money, time and effort. Word to the wise so you don’t get blindsided like I did.

A tribute to Bob Ross

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