Strip News 4/30/10

As you know, May 1st (tomorrow) is free comic book day. While you are busy getting the freebies, have the self discipline to make a purchase while you are there and keep your comic shop open.

Dialogue Free Comics DayWebcomic Overlook took a break from video games to promote some Webby picks. Webcomics Critique has hope for Starcrossed and Optical Sloth reviewed comics by John Brodowski, Aaron Norhanian and Mark Hensel.

8-bit Theater has run its course. Finis. For realz.

Darkstalkers returns. I know you’ve been waiting.

Brat-halla went to the 400 wall and Manga Critic turned onesies. Congrats!

Duck in style♦ It’s worth mentioning twice that May 14th is Dialogue Free Comics Day. As it so happens, I just found the G.I. Joe comic (it’s in the reprints in Volume 3) that has the Silent Issue. And I ordered it so I could examine the storytelling techniques (and drift back to youthful memories, I suppose.) I’ll keep my eye on the comics submitted for DFCD – there is still time to submit yours.

♦ And if you don’t write your comic script separately from your pencils, you might just be a script-comicker.

♦ And I agree with this guy.

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