Strip News 4/24/10

Bubble Gun ArtLuprand covered Dingbeans but only gave it a hill of beans ranking.

The Daily Crosshatch reported on Snake Pit 2009 and Optical Sloth looked at Life’s So Rad, Spud 64 and The Shortest Interval.

♦ And you saw the Annotated SuperFogeys this week, right? Plus, Fleen had some awesome things to say and let us know that Scary Go Round can be preordered, among other things.

Storming The Tower reported on Serenity Tales getting CulturePulped and Something Positive’s Helen storyline. Oh, and Who Should Be Our Robotic Overlord?

The Battle of Dovecote Crest should have reached 200 Comics by now. And Madinkbeard had a 6th blogiversary. Congrats!

Webcomic Process♦ And there was that Koltreg reasoning and Geek Girl Diva’s furor over Ebert’s video games aren’t art thing. Seems to me that a video game COULD be art but most don’t go for the deep feel that being called “Art” with a capital A requires.

♦ And then there was the Gatchaman CG film that may never be made. To make up for it, ComixTalk lined up some great links – especially that Whitechapel one.

Empty Easel has an article with Diane Gilleland that will tell you, no matter what your circumstances, how much you need to charge if you do any freelance work. It’s simple and defining.

Sophia showed us her comic page creation process. I know there are others who do the same sort of thing but I didn’t see the point before. Not only can you ink again if something happens, but it provides a cleaner end result than inking over your pencils and you end up with two sets of your originals. For those who have fans wanting to buy the originals, that might be useful.

♦ Want to generate a buzz on your site? Have a contest with prizes. Have no money to buy said prizes? ProBlogger shared some how to host a contest ideas.

♦ And, at some point, we should probably ask for someone else’s opinion on our comics. It might save us from going down a long dark road. (Thanks to Enlightened Words.)

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