Blackbird Peek

This mid-week peek is on Blackbird by Shilin Huang.

A couple of quick things…
1. The art is astounding, especially the color work. The comic has a whole range of page styles like sketchy line and pattern-tones, each with their own feel. I happen to like most elements of manga style artwork – particularly when it doesn’t have things like the Hyperspace Mallets.
2. I like some of the little touches, like the subtle pan-around sequences of panels and the word balloon tails. If a character has three things to say within a panel, the three things are contained within three lumped together balloons with the tail coming from the top balloon. That adds a great deal of clarity in the visual understanding of the flow of speech.
3. The panels are rarely standard shapes which adds… well, it’s thinking outside the box, so to speak. I was forced to navigate the panel flow and pay close attention.

The story is presented in reading two page spreads, right-to-left order which messed me up pretty badly. So much so that I couldn’t get a grip on the story even though each page-spread had good clarity and eye-flow. My impression is that it’s a straightforward story with some interesting dialog.

I would say you should read Blackbird for yourself.

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