Strip News 4-16-10

Cartoon Wigs Museum

Koltreg took issue with Axe Cop but seemed to like Gastrophobia. Webcomics Critique looked at Spooky Doofus and Tangents touched in with QC and Goblins. Webcomic Asylum gave Bear vs Zombies six smiling monkey heads.

Optical Sloth looked at comics by Robin Enrico, Sean Ford and Nathan Beaty.

Kleefeld pointed out one courageous webcomicker who is not afraid to post some webcomic income numbers.

♦ That ipad thing… well, I already have a laptop. The next version may have a usb slot and maybe some other improvements. If you’re still undecided, The Daily Crosshatch looked at the ipad from the indie comics perspective.

Artistic Process♦ But the real question is who is drawing the next SuperFogeys origin story? Could be you, if you can follow some simple rules.

♦ Meanwhile, Webcomic Builder tells most of us we need backgrounds.

Johnny Quest via Comic Twart

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