Strip News 4-10-10

Well, here it is Saturday morning and the Friday news is fashionably late…

Crazy Adorable AliceWebcomic Overlook went Next Gen gah gah while reviewing Moon Town. Lefty Films had a decent rundown on Zuda’s new batch of comics and Webcomics Critique reviewed the five robot comic Floodmud.

Read About Comics was meh about Missile Mouse and Storming The Tower praised an Unshelved guest comic from Spacetrawler. Optical Sloth covered Zoonbats, Robot 13 and Milkshake Club, with more to follow.

♦ I’d like to find a practical use for the Levy Flight theory of web browsing. My hangup is finding a way to prolong a visitor’s presence on a comic site. Is that best done by having a wide swath of related content for visitors to explore or by setting a Hansel and Gretel style trail set up for visitors to follow to find surprises? Comics, by virtue of being eye scannable media, are not well suited to holding visitors. I suppose that reinforces that we ought to keep finding ways to encourage visitors to return and regraze from the same web-spot.

Megaman by Kim Herbst♦ Remember the 25 expressions? Here’s a few more from Patrick Dean. Olaf continued the webcomic ideas with the concept of limiting a comic’s text to a set amount of characters ~ Twitter style.

Sophia has a new comic out called The Lettuce Girl, on sale at MoCCa.

♦ Also, we have a comic couple getting engaged. Congrats! (Note: The comic below is not commentary on any of the content above. It’s just funny.)

Console Hopping

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