Strip News 4-2-10

Okay, this post has been delayed by the double dealing of technical difficulties and the presence of sunny 70 degree weather in early April. The former happens more often than not but the latter is too rare to pass up.

Cloak and Dagger by Eric CanetePigs of the Industry reviewed Snipe Hunting, which is all about the vibe. Tangents briefly discussed Questionable Content and El Goonish Shive, too.

Optical Sloth covered a heap of comics by Rob Jackson. Panel Patter liked I Kill Giants, which had a pretty clever twist to it. Also covered was Barefoot Gen, a much more somber sounding tale.

The Gigcast spotlighted Bottlebrush and Slick plus pointed out the Sequential Tart interview with Rene Engstrom. Anders Loves Maria maybe going to print, huh… and CBR taled with the Night Owls.

Zuda has some video advice for aspiring comic creators which was fun to watch.

Webcomic Asylum has a new rating system and Zuda said webcomics are getting more popular – trend chart included at no charge.

Only because I felt like it by Vert is Ninja

Infurnation is keen on the new Legends of the Guard (with more info here) and Brat-Halla goes to print.

Bob Kurtz can be forgiven for the Chipmunks because of all the other cool stuff he did – like write Pink Panther cartoons. He has a site you probably want to bookmark.

♦ I like to look at how other industries engage with their customers and then see if it can be applied to web comics. In this case, Building 43 looked at why free trials fail. It occurred to me that since many post their comics for ‘free’ that there might be something not to do in order to succeed and I gave it a read. I learned that it is imperative that you show your reader that your comic is worth their time to read. Offering a comic for free is not enough in a sea of other free comics. It has to have value.

♦ Speaking of value, Galaxion and some other good comics are up for an award. Another good value is found in the comics at the Digital Comic Musuem.

♦ I really need to do some research into this, but it seems like a good idea to plan out the emotional beats of your script.

♦ Finally, Empty Easel says that you should always make art you enjoy.

Titanic Kungfubots

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