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What Did I Learn?

Bear and Tiger comic

Corporal Bear and Captain Tiger are on duty in Outpost 17, a Russian Military base somewhere in Siberia. Captain Tiger is quite the caricature of bosses who behave like petulant children with their own fiefdoms. Ungrateful and spoiled, Tiger gets his way simply due to his rank. Fortunately, bear seems to find a bit of wisecracking humor in his existence and even gains some, ummm, fellow recruits. A really tall guy and an old guy… sort of. Both fit nicely, if unexpectedly within the bounds of the strip. More characters have been added since, but these set a nice tone for how unexpected and fun other characters will be.

The character additions also opened up the strip for a variety of personal interaction. In addition to that we also get some touching moments, which contrasts nicely against the stark nature of living in brutally cold Siberia.

Also the brush work is very solid and doesn’t make you think about wanting color until you see a watercolor comic. Fortunately, the comic goes full color about August 2009. Plus I like the way that the background texture sometimes interacts with the comic, too.

If you read the archive, you will get to see a Mignola sort of surprise as well. And by “sweet Stalin’s stash,” you might like the outhouse bits as well.

What Did I Learn?

This is a nice, solidly done strip. There is no gimmick, just a fun read with some great artistry. Just go read Bear and Tiger now.
Bear and Tiger


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