Strip News 3-26-10

All I see are comics everywhere…

Hobbes swinging Calvin

Pigs of the Industry looked at Aleksander Christov: Assassin and found it to be quite original.

Fictions reviewed Lucky Luke and Heartless Doll recommended The Night Owls. And this isn’t a review, but a recommendation: Harlan Ellison says to go buy and read all three Robot 13 books. He didn’t sound like it was optional or even when you got around to it. So get crackin’.

Webcomic Overlook told us that we really should have video game webcomics and they should not be hunted to extinction. And Kenny Chronicles featured Evil, Inc.

Comic Vine showed us that Marvel is kind of, sort of looking into the whole digital comic thing. They are either being lackadaisical about change or obfuscatory about their plans. I’m not sure which I prefer, since I have little hope they will do anything interesting with comics on purpose. I would love my gut instinct to be wrong about this. Related to this trend is the information in Steve Jackson’s 2010 Stakeholder Report. SJG produces a lot of digital content and they are looking to hire.

Urban Legnds♦ For the record, no one else has ever drawn Green Lantern like Dick Giordano did. He gave Hal a solid willfulness and I hope he recovers.

Sometime Alone has come to an end but Olaf continued to fulfill his promise of 100 comic ideas with, among other ideas, stage comics. Perazza brought us this great video on how to warm up for gesture drawing – watch it. Webcomics Community critiqued the Arcana site, particularly the background site colors.

4th Letter reached 5 years. Congrats!

♦ And you probably already saw this staple-less book binding from Lifehacker, right? It seems perfect for something delicate like a comic printed on rice paper or even using something heavier like cardstock for more casual reading. Moreover, I know there’s some office supply that one could use to strengthen the binding but I’m having trouble recalling what that would be.

♦ After reading Olaf’s comic ideas, I can’t help but see potential comic ideas everywhere. For example, if you’re on this website, you may consider yourself a nerd to some degree. Apparently, nerds are a newish species descended from drips and squares (see number 8.) I’ve seen comics based on stranger concepts.

But Not Really Photo Webcomic

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